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About This Newsgroups File Search Engine is a simple newsgroup file search engine that makes it easier for you to quickly find files posted on the free public Usenet Newsgroups. The aim of this site is to be as simple and easy to use as possible to make newsgroup file searching a more pleasant experience for you!

The site usage is extremely simple, you just type in your search query in the newsgroup file search form and automatically all the indexed newsgroups are searched for you.

If you wish to search a single specific newsgroup, you only need to replace the "All" in the newsgroup field of the search form with the name of the newsgroup that you wish to search and only that group (if indexed and existing) will be searched.

If the newsgroups you entered does not exist or is not indexed, the system will ignore the specified group and just do a normal search. All the most popular file newsgroups are indexed and we try to add new ones when they become popular.

This site is constantly undergoing improvements and upgrades so please accept our apologies for any present and/or future delays, downtime or bugs. We try our best to keep things running smoothly at all times.

All information accessed by this newsgroup file search engine is automatically indexed from free public Usenet Newsgroups, all processing is automated and we have no control over what people post on any newsgroups. We have no power to prevent you from finding anything posted to the free public Usenet Newsgroups.

No files are stored on our servers, all information is automatically gathered from the free public Usenet Newsgroups. NZB files are only dynamically generated lists of posts made to the free public Usenet Newsgroups by it's users.

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