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  • What Is
  • See About.

  • What Are Newsgroups?
  • The free public newsgroup network also known as "Usenet" is a free public network of discussion groups where people can post both text messages and files for others to access.

  • Are Newsgroups New?
  • Usenet Newsgroups are an ancient and root part of the Internet, when the Internet started there was e-mail, IRC, and Usenet. Those are the base services that got the Internet going and they are still here and active, bigger and better than ever in fact!

  • What does NNTP Stand For?
  • NNTP stand for News Network Transfer Protocol, it is the transport protocol of Usenet Newsgroups. You can use our unlimited anonymous SSL NNTP access with your NZB program to download files from Usenet Newsgroups anonymously.

  • How Do I Use This Site?
  • See About.

  • What Are NZB Files?
  • NZB files are simply XML lists of posts made on the free public Usenet Newsgroups they just tell your NZB downloader what to download from what newsgroup.

  • What Are NFO Files?
  • NFO files are descriptive information files sometimes (but not always) posted with a file post made on the free public Usenet Newsgroups. You can read their content to find out more details about the posted file(s).

  • Cool Site! Can I Make A Donation To Help Out?
  • Thank you, Yes! You can make your donation using either or both:
    Bitcoin (Address: 1DPpfj6KmH4v9ZSGdDkUZyWj1EBQX8sBoZ) and
    Litecoin (Address: LLVabUJ9T2Bkmpiro5675bWs9YugpEwq3L).

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